Web hosting

We offer a Linux-based Web Hosting solution. Linux is a comprehensive, stable platform. Linux Web Hosting coupled with Apache is able to accommodate all of the most requested Web Hosting account options.

Whether you are running a high volume traffic site that generates a lot of bandwidth or a small personal website, we offer a solution for you. For advanced developers who prefer to program in Perl, C and C++ or PHP our web hosting packages include everything you need. Similarly we are the perfect solution for individuals who do not know HTML, Scripting or Programming, because we have a FREE Online WebSite Builder - Site Studio included in each hosting plan. Site Studio is so easy to use a child can make their own website in less than 10 minutes. In both cases we guarantee fast, reliable, secure virtual hosting.

We realize high speed lines and servers, valuable account options and plentiful disk storage are only half of the commitment you expect from your web host. We deliver on the other half of that commitment as well by providing fast, efficient support with a dedication to quality, reliable

Virtual hosting

Virtual hosting allows our clients to experience the quality of service with a minimum investment and maximum services included. We guarantee fast and secured services.

Your website will be powered by Dual P4 (Xeon) 2.6 GHz servers with 2 GB of memory, 5x36 GIGs SCSI hard drives, the Linux OS, and a 100 Mbits connection in Fremont/CA - USA. This ensures that your web site will load quickly for your customers wherever they are in the world.

Our hosting plan includes 15 days money back guarantee. Web hosting is risk free with us.

If you are not performing at least some part of your business over the Internet, you are missing out a huge opportunity for increased profits. Todays' Internet is an integral part of the business world. However, with an endless amount of possibilities, it is often confusing to know exactly what to do. With our extensive web experience, we can guide you down the right path.


     Hosting Plans Business Corporate
     Disk Space 2,500 MB 4000 MB
     Transfer 40 GB 60 GB
     Domains Hosted 1 3
     POP3 Email accounts 100 Unlimited
     Email Aliases 100 Unlimited
     SubDomains 10 30
     MySQL Databases 1 4
     12 Months Price $ 7.00 /mo $ 14.00 /mo
     Discounted Domain Registration $6.00 $6.00
     Setup Fee FREE FREE
     Online Website Builder - Site Studio Included (BONUS) Included (BONUS)
     Front Page Extensions Support Included Included
     FTP account Included Included
     Web Based File Manager Included Included
     WebMail Included Included
      Mailing Lists Included Included
     Perl Support Included Included
     PHP Support Included Included
     POP3 Server Included Included
     SMTP Server Included Included
     SSL Support Included Included
     SSI Support Included Included
     Autoresponder Emails Included Included
     Bandwidth Stats Included Included
     Traffic Stats - WebAlizer Included Included
     Advanced Control Panel Included Included
     Custom ERROR 404 Page Included Included
     Direct OnNet Connection(OC12) Included Included
     Stable Linux with Apache Included Included
     Unrestricted Bandwidth Included Included
     Extensive Online Documentation Included Included
     24/7 Support Included Included
     Diesel Back-up Generator Included Included
     Instant Account Activation Included Included
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